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We’ve got the perfect program for you no matter what your goal or current experience is. We have created a culture of success through body transformations on the premise of what we do.


What we do at Wonder Woman Fitness is train hard, fun and effectively. We provide you with a training environment that is safe & friendly.


We’ve raised the bar for functional training with two unique programs that both deliver an amazing workout.

Level 1: 28 Day Challenge

Our 28 Day Challenge Program is our introductory program that all of our members begin with. This includes an introduction to our training along with our personalized nutrition framework. These systems allow us to guarantee you 3-5kg/6-11lbs of fat loss in the first 28 days.

This 28 Day program serves as the foundation for our full body transformation program. 

Perfect for complete beginners but also for regular gym goers who want to get more from their training. 

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10kg/22lbs of Body Fat Lost 
9kg/19.8lbs of Body Fat Lost
14kg/31lbs of Body Fat Lost
6.9kg/15.2lbs of Body Fat Lost